Profitian payroll services deliver precise compensation and benefits, guarantee on-time payments, follow payroll rules and regulations and pay employees for their hard work.

Profitian payroll services provide employee paycheck preparation and reporting for accuracy agreement and compensation. Profitian manages payroll with the highest precision, maintenance and privacy, ensuring compliance with dynamic labor laws and business regulations. We guarantee that employee compensation reflects the time and energy you place on staff training.

We provide payroll services to analyze and provide salary reports, both monthly and annually, including contract, vacation days, sick days, employee benefits and more.  We also add on your new employees to the payroll system.

We formulate salary payments for company authorization, both direct deposit and paychecks and we prepare payroll tax filings to make sure that your company follows all legal and government requirements.

Profitian payroll services make sure that employees receive all they are entitled to by the law and under your contract.  We help employees register for pension, insurance, severance and benefits programs.  We also document employee departures for reporting to government authorities and service organizations.

Our payroll services work closely with all service companies (insurance, pension funds, etc.) to help ensure precise and timely benefit distribution.

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