Our CFO services include but are not limited to hiring a CFO to manage your team, acquiring cutting edge financial strategy, improving your chances for success and developing a sustainable budget that will lead you to the results you want!

Your professional financial advisor brings knowledge and insight essential to your success.

The Profitian Finance CFO will lead your management team, serve as an executive in your firm, take complete responsibility for managing the financial department and partner in achieving company goals. We help you make vital decisions to achieve short and long-term goals, as we are experts in both the high-tech and biotech industries and have in-depth knowledge of your company’s objectives and operations.

Our strategies have been tested and you can trust that they will be effective.  Profitian Finance is a full service financial consulting firm.  We help your company achieve success by restructuring your business.  We do that by implementing a financial strategy, tax planning and company incorporation.  From day one we set you up for success.  We specialize in financial planning.  We will research the most effective financial options for your firm, estimate profitability and ensure that we will raise the bottom line and your numbers will increase. 

We help with Tax incentives and grant applications.  We will do all the work to apply for funding, grants and tax incentives from all possible sources.  We will exercise due diligence and offer a comprehensive appraisal of your business, evaluate and appraise potential acquisitions and the risks involved>

We will handle all mergers and acquisitions and make sure that companies are well prepared prior to, during and after the process.  We will make sure that all employees thoroughly understand the deal.   We will also effectively incorporate finances, procedures and policies to meet the goals of the overall business exchange.

Contact us today to learn more about how Profitian’s professional CFO services can help you create the strategic financial groundwork your firm is looking for.