Profitian’s administrative services will reorganize operations to ensure that your business will run smoothly. We customize administrative services to your needs, maintain quality customer service, and help organize your daily routine.

Profitian will team up to create and back up the administrative organization customized to your company’s explicit needs. Customers obtain tailored service, with commitment to your mission, urgencies and time schedule with a culture of high quality customer service that mirrors your company’s values.

Profitian can help you accomplish extraordinary productivity by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and standard procedures. Because your firm may be experiencing rapid growth, our flexibility allows you to best position your company for future development.

We will take care of routine and one-time administrative tasks.  First, we set up office space, so staff can get right to work.  We manage finances, handle expense reimbursement, monitor credit card usage, collect invoices, print reports, and more.  We manage obtaining and payment processing by negotiating contract terms with suppliers for best quality and prices, place orders and send out payments.

Profitian admin services manages sales and collections.  We issue invoices and collect payments.  We also manage human resource administration by managing employee hiring and termination, handle work time, plan company employee events, purchase company gifts for special occasions and holidays for example.

We apply work procedure like paperwork preparation, publishing of announcements, and more.  We also take care of all business trips. We work with travel agents to book the entire trip and we create the employee’s schedule.

Our admin team will also hire multi-lingual team members when necessary to work with your foreign customers, employees and/or suppliers.

Our admin services also complete special projects.  We take care of one-time assignments such as moving to new offices or preparing material for trade shows.


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