The start line of a business, is always the hardest part

it's also, when you need financial guidance the most,

but unable to afford it.

The thing is,   

From us you can Expect More!

We have a special plan for new companies and startups

We offer you the opportunity to grow together, hand in hand.

We will adjust our fees to your actual needs, 

in addition to a professional skills we provide

This way we are making it easier for you to grow

And making everything in our power to help you grow.

Because your success is our success...!


Our daily outsourcing services

Keeps control of the company’s well-being,

But keeping control is not enough in a growing company.

When the time is right it's important to make a leap to the next level

Whether it's opening another branch, funding round, merger, IPO

Or any kind of rapid growth.

You got to be prepared for important processes like that, better yet plan them.

At Profitian Finance we have plenty of experience with growing companies

We specialize in stabilizing rapid growth

Planning future strategies to ensure financial readiness for each level

Improving productivity

Positioning of the company in the highest place within its market

We don’t calculate, We strategies


In today's market companies do not settle for the local market

and they shouldn't!

Technology has erased the geographic boundaries

and it's only natural that companies will follow and expend their market.

To do that in the most efficient way,

You need to plant the seed of this globalizing as early as possible

Going Global has a lot of financial implications such as:

tax implications, global fund raising, sales scalability, new entities etc.

The CFO is a crucial partner in planning to grow global

And here at Profitian Finance we have all the experience and knowledge

of globalizing companies.

We walked this road with companies many times before

and we still accompany CEO's abroad,

not only consulting, but also physically

We'll be there with you